Data Pipelines & Visualizations

Streamline Your School's Data Management with
Our Data Pipeline & Visualizations Service.

Managed Data Pipelines

We create data pipelines for you, utilizing your SIS or other legacy systems that source the data you wish to visualize. We fully manage the infrastructure to allow you to focus on data analysis and interpretation. The data lakes can be on like Google Cloud, AWS, Azure or the system of your choice. We utilize school accounts for such data lakes, so the data ownership remains with your school.

Here are the key features of this service:

  • Quick setup with managed infra services
  • No cap on number of pipelines.
  • Data ownership remains and in control of the school
  • Optional programming and data visualisations design services available

Data Visualizations & Dashboards

We recognize that not every school may have capacity to build visualizations using the available data, as such, we offer our services to help you create visualizations needed to derive insights from your data. 

We have built several such visualizations and dashboards utilizing tools like Google Look (formerly Data Studio) but we’re equally adept with other tools and even Python based visualizations.

Additionally, we also help you build complete data dashboards that help you perform specific queries on your data to make information handy for school’s decision makers.

Got some ideas? Perhaps a mockup?

Some Visualizations we have delivered to schools.

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