Marketing & Lead Generation

Regardless of whether your school is for-profit or a non-profit entity, online marketing and lead generation is important for continued sustenance of school operations. Prospective parents and students should be able to find you when they are making transition to your city to be able to reach out to you for their children’s education. Likewise, prospective teachers and staff should be able to find you online, for it is important to attract best talent across the globe. There are two key methods we can help you achieve your marketing goals:

Search Engine Optimization
Comprehesive audit and optimization of your school website to enable them reach better search engine rankings to drive more relevant traffic to the school website. This includes both on-page as well off-page optimization of your web site.

Search Engine Marketing
PPC advertising are important and very relevant approach to attract leads (read prospective parents, students, teachers and staff) that can turn into your students or staff. We help schools run succesfull PPC campaigns through Google Ads and other advertising channels.