School Website Design

School’s website is generally the first point of information for most prospective parents, students, and employees. It is important to have an impressionable website that vends up-to-date and useful content to the prospects in an easy to find and friendly way.

Our experience at PK12 international schools has taught what works for a school website and that how important it is to have well-organized content that is easier for protective parents and employees to find. And to develop or integrate features that make life easier for the school community to maintain it. From calendar integrations to event registrations, authentications, weekly newsletters, contact forms and so on. We help you create tightly integrated authentications with your SIS, LDAP, GAFE or other third-party systems you prefer.

We understand how schools work and level of flexibility that is expected when a school decides to create its website anew. We take pride in delivering websites that are useful for schools and are widely appreciated.

If there are any questions, concerns or ideas, we invite you to talk to our project managers to understand how we can help you fulfill your school’s needs.