Veracross Integrations

Integrations with Veracross allow for extension and usage of data from your SIS for a variety of purposes. We have helped several schools achieve integrations with Veracross and derive value from their data.\r\n\r\nLeveraging the Veracross API, we have also been able to help schools with a number of products. Some of the integration puzzles we have solved for schools are:

Student Gradebook – a customized and holistic view of students’ grades, accessible through one-click SSO integration. Separate views for students, parents (lists all kids in the family), and teachers (to view all students in the school).
Student Facebook – photo catalog of students required for printing by the security office. Leverages Veracross API.
Google Workspace (formerly GAFE) – Account provisioning and other related operations, automated to execute on set schedule.
Rotations Calendar customizations – a tool to segregate VX rotation calendars by school divisions so parents can subscribe to specific divisional-rotation-calendars as opposed to the entire school’s rotation calendar.
Google BigQuery – extract, transform, and sync data with BigQuery. Schools use this for learning analytics along with tools like Tableau and Data Studio.

… and several other bespoke customizations with 3rd party and/or legacy systems, other SISes for data syncs, etc.

Most of these customizations are school-specific and can be tailored, so if you have a need, please feel welcome to reach out to us.