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Enhancing School Recordkeeping: Integrating SignInApp with Veracross at YIS

At Academic Data Solutions, we are committed to providing practical solutions that help educational institutions streamline their operations. We are pleased to share a recent project we completed with Yokohama International School (YIS). By integrating SignInApp with the Veracross Master Attendance system, we have automated their attendance tracking and behavior

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Integrating Applications With The Veracross API

Unlock the power of your applications with the Veracross API. With its comprehensive data integration capabilities, you can connect different systems and develop powerful data-driven features that enhance user experience, functionality, and insights. What is the Veracross API? The Veracross API is a set of programmatic application interfaces that provide

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[Updated] Veracross Python API library

Hey Techies! A follow-up to our previous release of the Veracross Python Library, the library has now been upgraded to include CREATE, UPDATE and DELETE calls. This brings the library to cover all the operations that VC API supports viz, create, update, delete, list and read. Here is the list of

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New Veracross API v3 Library Released!

We have published this repository for anyone who wishes to build using VC API v3 and Python. The code is flexible enough and can adapt to all Read and List calls. We have deliberately kept the terminology along the lines VC uses: Read and List. Highlights: Can make Read/List calls (patch/put/create

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